Pebbles on the Edge

Pebbles on the Edge
Lake McDonald, 2014

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dealbhan bho Alba, Samhradh 2010

Caisteal Eilean Donan

Taigh aig Aird a' Bhasair, an t-Eilean Sgitheanach

Baigh aig Hearadh

Cnocan agus cheò air Leòdhais

More photographs from Scotland, Highlands and Islands. An Gaidhealtachd. I took over 2600 pictures on that turas..still haven't done much with them. None of these have been enhanced or adjusted in any way. I love my camera, and my new lens will probably be here next week!

People who are fluent in Gaidhlig, please forgive any misspellings or gramar dona.


Melis said...

Oh I so want to go there! It's absolutely breathtaking Gig! Maybe we could rent that white cottage in the second picture for a couple of months...or years. :)

e said...

What a lovely surprise to find your blog! Thank you for your link to mine. I've just been enjoying your photographs. Oh, and my heart goes out to you with learning Gàidhlig. ;) I'm trying to do the same. I look forward to following your posts. If you'd ever like to guest post on my blog with your photos and memories of travels in the Highlands and Islands, i'd love that.
Chì mi rithist thu, Lizzy

The World of the Blue Bells Trilogy said...

Beautiful! Thanks for posting!

Eilidh said...

Thank you,Lizzy, for your kind comments. I'm new to blogging and it surprises me that people actually read my musings! Our tour of Scotland, as brief as it seemed with all the things we wanted to do and see and the things we missed, was fantastic. I'm from Montana originally and it reminds me in some ways of Scotland, especially the missing it bit. Chì mi a-rithist thu, cuideachd! Maybe someday for real!

Bluebells, I love your blog and the Gaidhlig lessons posted for others to learn from. I went to my Seattle class on Saturday and we "learned" about the conditional form of the verb bith, and all the 'gams' and 'nams' and I am completely in over my head! But I am determined. Thank you for your comment.

Runrig gu bràth!

Graisg said...

Madainn mhath Eilidh,
Runrig gu bràth gu dearbh! :-)

good luck with the Gaelic,

Eilidh said...

Graisg, I nearly missed this comment. Tapadh leibh airson sin.