Pebbles on the Edge

Pebbles on the Edge
Lake McDonald, 2014

Friday, September 27, 2013


Since I fell off a ladder in July and injured both my shoulders (tearing rotator cuffs and facing surgery), and then dragged my suitcase all over Scotland for two weeks, I've been "fired" from deck-painting, gardening, standing on ladders, trimming trees, lifting anything, driving distances in excess of 10 miles, and most cleaning tasks--in short, anything using my arms in any but the most limited (envision T-rex) fashion. So, I am relegated to writing and sewing until this gets resolved.

Yesterday (or was it Wednesday?) I visited my local Goodwill store in hopes of finding some old lace tablecloths or curtains to use for sewing some Boho clothes, remaking stuff I have. Instead I found 3 formals, 3 costumes, 3 shirts and a name-brand silk dress (for $6.99). After some research, I discovered the silk dress was originally very likely around $300-400.

At any rate, with the exception of the silk dress, I washed everything, including the formals and the silk shirt with sequins (very ugly sequins), tried it all on, and found that I could at least squeeze into the little dress, and that with some alteration I could make it fit better. Then I had an idea...

Blouse with sequins...ugh, and silk dress

After 2 hours with a seam-ripper: no sequins

Side by side

Next, I have to figure out how best to remove the sleeves from the blouse and put them on the dress, expand the band below the bust, and add the neckline of the blouse to the dress. All very fun and challenging, since I haven't sewn anything for years. Altogether, I'm out about $13.00 on this outfit, and after taking apart the other dresses, I have some nice shimmery yardage and some tulle.
Scotland pictures coming soon, for those none of you who read this.