Pebbles on the Edge

Pebbles on the Edge
Lake McDonald, 2014

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Random Weirdness

Al at The Rock


Through a Glass Wetly


Tacoma Narrows

Road Trip


Weird lights

Who, moi? I thought I didn't have freckles anymore...and my bulbous nose...agh! wrinkles!

These aren't hipstamatic, but they're fun and interesting. I like taking pictures with limitations on my equipment. Everything is chance, and some of it may be useful as painting ideas someday if I ever start painting again. I'll have newer ones soon, reflecting on some discoveries I've made on how to distort landscapes by moving the phone...and this summer I intend to make a digital pinhole camera. More to come...especially proofing my blog before I publish.

Weird Cell-phone Photographs

Just a collection of weird pictures taken from my cell...usually from a moving vehicle.

School is out, students and teachers have gone home or on holiday, the yearbook got finished (thank goodness!), I checked out of school on Monday finally, and I'm officially off for the summer. I've decided once again to entirely revise my curriculum, which I can do with impunity because I'm just the art teacher and art isn't important in the big NCLB scheme of things. I'm already excited about introducing art concepts and mixing it up with large doses of art history--in which I have a minor--and integrating some geometry through tesselations, perspective drawing, and polyhedra; and science through experiments with color theory and light. Should be interesting...might get a little language and literature in there too. The kids will be writing as well, every day, and reverse-engineering some of their projects. They may not like it, but they are going to work next year!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

State Title for Stanfield Tigers

Tiger High School Baseball: State Champs

I teach art and am advisor to the yearbook at Stanfield Secondary School, population around 150 students. This weekend our baseball team acquired its first-ever state championship under the superb coaching of Bryan Johnson. Our little team went against a private school from the Valley, Portland Christian, and won a 3-1 victory to take the state 1A/2A title. One for the record books...It's a good day to be a Tiger.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pictures from the Archive

Three of us anyway...Melis, you weren't here yet! :o)

I haven't changed a bit, except for the web of wrinkles I now possess. I still have a big mouth.

Me at Hungry Horse, Spring of 1958?

Midnight Canyon on the Stillwater River south of Nye...Dad used to draw this all the time.

These were all taken with film cameras, of course...

I just found another batch of photos from Montana when we went in 2000, taken with my little Pentax camera (not the K-1000). I'll scan them at some point and put them up. I'm done with students now and just have to finish the yearbook, finish my room, put in my supply orders for next year, and....get ready for our trip to Montana! Yay!

We FINALLY have a nice day--cool but sunny and NO WIND!!! Maybe summer is here...