Pebbles on the Edge

Pebbles on the Edge
Lake McDonald, 2014

Friday, April 15, 2011

Maybe it was where I grew up, but...impressions of Glacier

Summer haze: From the East

To clarify...My dad's family was from Columbus, Montana. I didn't grow up there, and didn't see Yellowstone National Park until I was in my 20s. Frankly, aside from the thermal activities that occur within the Yellowstone caldera, it's not really that impressive to me. What does impress me is everything about Glacier Park. Maybe it's just because I grew up camping there with my family every weekend as a kid, or when I was at college in the Bozone going back in the summers to hike in those mountains, or just driving through to get my mountain fix, and emerging once more into that sea of tawny plain east of the front.

To me, there's no place on earth like Glacier Park. I visited it first when I was three, and have been impressed ever since.


Melis said...

I totally agree! I only wish I'd been able to spend more time in Glacier as an adult. Most of my memories are from before I was 12. I need to get off my rear and take more road trips, huh?

I will admit to really liking the Canadian Rockies too since I spent part of a summer there when I was 19. Beautiful country!

Eilidh said...

Well, I'd like nothing more than to take a road trip with just my sister or sisters in Montana someday. Think of the early morning photos one could get, or late night ones, without having to stick to the unreasonable schedule I have to now. I could stay up as late as I wanted, and get up before sunrise, when the best light of the day hits just before the morning breaks.

It would be a great trip!!! Haven't been to the Canadian Rockies, but we could swing up there during this hypothetical journey on our way back west.