Pebbles on the Edge

Pebbles on the Edge
Lake McDonald, 2014

Friday, April 15, 2011

Me and International Harvester

Thought this was funny...

With some color balancing in Photoshop

The quintessential tomboy girlie-girl, circa 1956 or 57 (?) I was probably two or almost three years old, wearing my favorite headgear, an IH cowboy hat. I kept that thing till it was beat to squishy. I think I was in high school when it finally got tossed.

And look at our old International Harvester pickup truck. Dad had already started selling IH farm equipment back then. I remember riding in it to the dump with him. No seatbelts or car seats in those days, just jouncing around in the front passenger seat beside him. Every once in a while over a particularly bumpy section of dirt road, his big arm would flash out to keep me from bouncing onto the floor.

On one occasion he'd given me a handful of wheat pennies, which I jingled in my pocket and kept taking out to look at. I still have them in the original pink plastic shoe-bank where I put them after getting home. This was when we lived in Glendive. I remember a lot of sun, and falling out of the car into the ditch. What fun!

My mom made the overalls out of corduroy, and dig those tennis-shoes! The epitome of feminine fashion!


Melis said...

Pretty damn cute kid you were!

Eilidh said...

Thanks! So were you! And we're both still beautiful, sis! (Just look in the mirror every day and say it till you believe it!)