Pebbles on the Edge

Pebbles on the Edge
Lake McDonald, 2014

Friday, April 29, 2011

Two Medicine and Polebridge Road

A couple of pictures shot in early July, 2009, in Montana. Even in the flattening light of mid-day, Montana is so photogenic one cannot help taking decent pictures. I am so ready to be there again this summer! If summer ever comes. I hear from family that the weather is sub-freezing and still snowing, at the end of April!!! Perhaps these will remind everyone that summer does come to Montana, and when it finally arrives, there's nothing lovelier...and I think I'll have to visit that bakery in Polebridge.

Two Medicine driftwood (looks like a weird dragon-thing)

Fenceline on the way to Polebridge

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Eilidh said...

As long as I'm commenting on my own posts, does every know by now that I love my home state? MONTANA!