Pebbles on the Edge

Pebbles on the Edge
Lake McDonald, 2014

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mo Dhùthaich: Montana...Tha gaol agam ort.

An attempt at Scottish Gaelic poetry...Gabh mo leisgeal.

Teine (fire)

Running Eagle Falls (Ruith Iolair Eas)

Montana... na Mòrbheanna

M'eudail, mo dhùthaich...tha gaol agam ort.
Tha teine ann mo chridhe airson tu,
agus iondrainn mi thu le iomlan mo chridhe.
Tha thu àlainn, tha thu bòidheach, mo ghràdh.

Tillidh mi dhachaigh, ann an Samhradh.

le Eilidh Nic na h-Aimsir (Gayle Weatherson)

And the CHEESETASTIC Translation:

Montana, the Great Mountains

My love, my country, I love you...
There is fire in my heart for you,
and I miss you with all of my heart.
You are beautiful, you are lovely, my love.

I will return home, in the Summer.

Pretty cheesy in English, or in Gaelic!  :o}


Eilidh said...

As a person with many facets (not a good thing either!) I can say that this poetry is pretty bad. I'm wearing my critic hat just now, and I was raised to be self-critical, to my detriment actually, so I can say it sucks.

Brianna Callum said...


Can you help me with a translation?

I need know, how do you say in scottish gaelic: "My heart in yours".

Thank you. It´s very important for me.

Eilidh said...

Hi Brianna,

I'm just a rank beginner in the Scottish Gaelic language. I can certainly give it a try but I definitely CANNOT guarantee any level of accuracy. Here goes: Mo chridhe (my heart) ann (in) do chridhe (your heart). It sounds poetic but there are probably errors. My suggestion would be to ask one of my three followers, all of whom know far more Gaelic than me.

Brianna Callum said...

Thanks, Eilidh!